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December, 2018 Newsletter

Church:  913-833-4481                                      Church Email: effunionsec@gmail.com

Pastor: 913-370-3854                                  Pastor’s email is effunionpastor@gmail.com



The October 28, 2018 board meeting was called to order with prayer by Pastor Jeff Cochran. Directors present:  Covell Hawk, JR Perry, James Fasse, David Todd, Pastor Jeff, Keith Young, Chris Caplinger, Nancy Keith, Rhonda, Jenna Hawk-Porter, Ruth Dillion.  Directors Absent: Julie Boyle, Janette Martin, Rhonda Thorpe

The church received a thank you note from Sam Trinite of the Nomad group. The church sent him a donation.

Pastor Jeff thanked the church for the gift he received from the church.

 Committee reports: 

Christian Education:

Chris reported that Nate Smith has started a youth group in the Royal Valley area and that it was doing well. Chris’s group and Nate’s group will be doing some events together.

Pastor Jeff reported that 15 kids have been coming to confirmation class and efforts to get parents involved have been less than fruitful so far.


Pastor Jeff reported that he is considering using some themes from the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis for the Advent season.

Property Management:

Steve reported that the Women’s Society will be purchasing a new refrigerator for the Ed. Building.

If anyone has a concern with the properties, please let Steve or Covell know so they can take care of it.

 The board voted to transfer Rikki Taliaferro’s, who was baptized in our church, membership to St. John’s Lutheran Church, Lancaster.

The meeting was adjourned and closed with prayer by J.R Perry.

 Respectfully submitted, David Todd, Clerk of Session



Dec. 2             Annual potluck & meeting

Dec. 9             Christmas children’s program at 10 a.m.

Dec. 16          Christmas Cantata at 10 a.m.

Dec. 24          Christmas Eve service


Merry Christmas

Dec.28           Topeka Rescue Mission trip

Jan. 1             HAPPY NEW YEAR

Feb. 9             Nite Circle Feb. fellowship supper

Feb. 10           Mary Martha’s soup dinner



The food pantry director says the important needs are: Peanut butter, Jelly/Jam, pancake mix, syrup, Spaghetti, Elbow Macaroni, Spaghetti Sauce, Chunky Soups, Crackers.



The Effingham Union Church hosted the annual Community Thanksgiving Service

November 18. During the service Pastor Jeff Cochran was assisted by members of the

St. Ann’s Catholic Church. Those helping with the service were Jill Thorne and Duane Coder from St. Ann’s and Chris Caplinger and Ray Ladd, Union Church members. Fifty people gathered together to sing praises to the Lord and to hear an inspirational message.  During the service an offering was taken for the Community Thanksgiving fund, which helps local people in times of crisis. 

After the service people gathered in the Christian Educational Building for refreshments and fellowship.  They sat around tables decorated in Thanksgiving themes by Elaine Oakleaf.   Alan and Connie Dunster served refreshments. 

This is an annual event and next year St. Ann’s will host it. 



The month of November, the Sunday school classes, congregation and youth groups were asked to list what they are thankful for on a leaf to be placed on the Blessing Tree.  A total of 103 leaves were placed on the two trees (Ed Bldg and Sanctuary).  Our blessings seen through the eyes of our congregation are many and varied.

Thirty of the blessings listed concerned God and the church—These spiritual gifts were: a loving and forgiving God, blessings from my Lord, God is Good, God’s goodness, God’s grace, God’s healing touch, Jesus, Jesus is alive, Jesus my savior, loving creator, reckless love of God, that God made everything, Jesus gave his life on a cross for a sinner like me, the life God gave me, the Lord watching over us all. Some said that they were thankful for a loving church community, church and church family, for the church’s support of youth group, being able to come to church and the fellowship.

Several of us counted our church leaders as blessings—our musicians (the choir, Piano players, Praise Band)   spiritual leaders—Pastor Jeff, also our Youth leaders--Bev, Chris, Corey, Courtney, Gentry, Nate, & Kristy, Sunday School teachers and one counted Noah as a blessing.

Many of us were thankful for the families that God has given us.  Thirty of us counted our families as blessings. Some were more specific. They listed children, father, moms & dads, granddaughters, grandkids, Grandma & Grandpa, great step-family, my babies, Nan, & terrific wife.

Of course, our community and friends made the list of blessings, as well as, our country, it gives us the freedom to worship and share our Christian faith and our youth included their pets, which included dogs, cats, a guinea pig and baby calves.

Other things we were thankful for were: shelter, electricity, education, memories, my struggle for without it I would not have stumbled upon my strength, the beautiful sky, being in my home, food, football, jobs, my little JAMmers, one was grateful to be alive and another for the world.



We sent a Christmas box to Wade Madden and to Alex Thompson, deployed members of Kansas National Guard Unit 1-108. Thanks to all who donated things for the boxes, thanks goes to Dede Caplinger for mailing the boxes.

 Thanks to your generosity the boxes for HUGS for foster children were overflowing. 

 Thanks to those that made the Community Thanksgiving service a success. 

 Thanks to Nancy Keith, Linda and David Montgomery and Ashanti Montgomery for going to Topeka Rescue Mission in November.  The Main Event Kids will serve meals at the Mission in December.

 Beckett Michael Brey was welcomed into the world by his parents, Derek and Devin Brey, on November 16, 2018.  Beckett weighed 6 lb 14 oz and was 20” long.  He has a full head of black hair.  Everyone is doing great!  Proud grandparents are Craig and Tammy Gigstad. Great grandmothers are Joanne Bodenhausen and Charlene Gigstad.  Congratulations to all!



During worship service on December 9th, a presentation of the “Christmas Story” will be performed by the youth of our church.  The primary department will begin the program with readings and songs, followed by the confirmation class presenting a modern day version of the Christmas Story.  After the program, a short worship service will take place.



The Effingham Community Choir will present the cantata, “Comfort and Joy” on Sunday, December 16th at 10:00 am during worship service.  Members of the choir are from the Union Church, St. Ann’s Catholic Church and the surrounding communities.  The beautiful music and narration encourages us to remember those who are outside the circle of celebration that is Christmas and share the good news of the Savior with them.  Please invite family and friends to come and be blessed by this presentation. 


You have an opportunity to memorialize family members and beautify the church by purchasing poinsettias.  If you wish to do so please contact Cindy Pangburn so she can list all the donors in the bulletin.


The family of Dale and Barbara Nichols purchased the new pulpit scarf and Bible bookmark for Advent in their memory.



For 2019, the prayer list will be refreshed.  Unless otherwise informed, all those on the prayer list will be removed.  Then on the 1st Sunday of the month, whoever is added in the previous month, will be removed and the list refreshed on a monthly basis.  The goal is to have no one on the list longer than 4 weeks, unless otherwise requested.




Nite Circle of the Effingham Union Church met at the Ed. Bldg. on November 12, with Nancy Jo Fasse as hostess.  Cindy Ladd, chairperson, opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed everyone.  Cards were signed for shut-ins. Connie Dunster shared a Thanksgiving devotional. Nine members answered roll call.

Cindy announced that seven women from Effingham Union attended the Fall UMW District Meeting on Oct. 13 at Lowman UMC.  She also thanked those who provided brownies for the Library fund raiser.

A new refrigerator has been purchased for the Educational Building. The Women’s Society and two circles are sharing the cost of the refrigerator.  Nite Circle members voted to pay its share on the refrigerator. They also voted to donate to the After Prom Committee and to the Atchison Food Pantry and the Pantry of Hope at Nortonville.  Members volunteered to provide cookies for the Community Thanksgiving service on Nov. 18.

Bev Bowyer shared Inspirational Thoughts related to John 11:11.  She reminded us that God reaches to each of us in different ways.

A sign- up sheet for hostesses and programs next year was circulated.

Our next meeting will be in January.



The Mary Martha Circle of the Effingham Union Church met at the home of

Jennifer Snyder, November 15 with 8 members present. Chairperson Ida Taliaferro presided over the meeting.

First order of business was to set the date for Mary Martha’s annual Soup dinner.  The dinner is February 10.  Election of officers was held. Next year’s officers are

Chairperson  Ida Taliaferro

Secretary       Eileen Ellerman

Treasurer       Nancy Keith

Program Chairman Elaine Oakleaf

Member at Large      Sally Ellerman.

Ida thanked everyone for helping with the library fundraiser.  She also thanked them for helping with Farm Bureau Supper and the Women’s Society fall meeting. 

The circle will meet on the First Thursday of February, June, September and November.  The circle members voted to make a donation to the After Prom Committee, Foster Children program, Salvation Army, and Julie Boyle’s Day Care. 

Janie Moser gave the program on Advent Angels.  The members signed Christmas Cards and some of the members volunteered to make cookies for the Thanksgiving Community Service. 



If our greatest need had been information

God would have sent us an educator.


If our greatest need had been technology

God would have sent us a scientist.


If our greatest need had been money

God would have sent us an economist.


If our greatest need had been pleasure

God would have sent us an entertainer.


But our greatest need was forgiveness

So God sent us a Savior.

                                                                                    Author unknown



God of the years that lie behind us,

Lord of the years that stretch before,

Weaver of all the ties that bind us,

Keeper and King of the open door.


Grant us hope and courage glowing

White and pure as the stars above;

Grant us faith in a full stream flowing,

From the heights of Your eternal love.


Out of the ruins of doubt and sorrow,

Out of the aches and pain and tears,

Help us to fashion a new tomorrow,

Free from the anguish of blighting fears.


All through the seasons of sowing & reaping,

All through the harvest of song and tears,

Hold us close in Your tender keeping,

O Maker of all New Years.

                                                                                    Author unknown


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